Seductress Secrets Mastercourse

Seductress Secrets Mastercourse

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An 8-week intensive course that will fast-track you to the man of your dreams.

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I'm tired of seeing women settle for boys who aren’t willing to commit, who are emotionally unavailable or who are even abusive (physically, emotionally or verbally) when they are SO WORTHY of someone (or multiple someones ;) ) that treats them like the goddess they are. 


With all of the other dating coaches out there giving tactics and exact word-for-word scripts, it can feel like you have to become a robot who recites memorized lines and completely change yourself to find the right guy. I know this isn’t true. You have it within you already, you probably just don’t know how to activate it yet…


So, I’m inspired AF to share this with you:


The Seductress Secrets Mastercourse

An 8-week in-depth training on using your innate seductive powers to attract in commitment-ready men and inspire them to treat you like a goddess, even if you’ve only been in fucked up relationships in the past.


Here is the breakdown:


Week 1: Finally Get Over Him

Finally move on from an ex/crush/it’s complicated relationship that hasn’t given you what you want and detach from the idea that there’s only ONE man out there for you


Week 2: Unleash your Dark Side

Reveal who you really are (all the good & the not-so-good) to find the RIGHT man and know exactly what you want & don’t want (you may think you know, but you probably don’t)


Week 3: Become a Sex Kitten

How to feel like the sexiest woman alive every damn day, even if you're not that happy with your body 


Week 4: Sing the Siren Song

Learn how to get men to pursue you and never have to chase him again


Week 5: The Femme Fatale

How to become the woman who doesn’t take shit from a man and having the strength to walk away when it’s time. 


Week 6: Playing Angel & Devil

How to flirt to create intense sexual attraction without having to put out before you’re ready or have him label you as a “slut” 


Week 7: The Art of Seduction

Find out which kind of seductress you are and learn how to use your superwoman powers to attract in the most amazing men. Learn about anti-seductive qualities, if you have any of them and how to get rid of them AND how to spot these in men, so you can avoid them like the plague.


Week 8: Slay the Online Dating Game

Should you swipe right on him? Exactly how to organize your profile so you stand out from all the other yoga & hike-loving girls on Tinder and completely change the caliber of men you match with online.


I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and practices, but this program is totally customized for YOU. Every situation is different and we all deal with our struggles differently, so although I have an outline of how things will go, I’ll be getting direct feedback from each individual woman to create additional content so that you can get exactly what you need.

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