Magnetic Love & Attraction

1:1 Coaching Package

A 12-week one on one coaching package for you to be able to upgrade your love life, attract and KEEP your high-quality man!



❤️ WEEKS 1-2: Unpack Your Baggage!

We’ll work on making your limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns and darkest fears vanish, so you can move forward into your new relationship without pushing your new man away or self-sabotaging.

Letting things carry over from past relationships (or even from childhood) is the first barrier to attracting a healthy relationship. It starts from the inside out.

Once you push past these fears, you’ll develop unshakeable confidence and a brand new outlook on dating that will make it FUN, exciting and informative. 

❤️ WEEK 3: Unleash Your Inner Goddess! 

This week you’ll learn to OWN and reveal who you really are (all the good & the not-so-good) to find and keep the RIGHT man.

Create a vision for your ideal partnership and get SUPER clear on exactly the type of man and relationship you want (even if you’re already in one) & don’t want (you may think you know, but you probably don’t).

We’ll uncover your TRUE needs, not just the superficial things you might think you need, in order to better attract a match for you.

You’ll learn the art of expressing yourself in a way that will have men drawn to you that won’t scare them away.

You’ll develop a strong sense of self-awareness that will keep you from losing yourself when you do enter into a partnership. 

❤️ WEEK 4-5: Magnetize Him In!

We’ll double your attraction factor when you learn how to cultivate your feminine magnetism in these next 2 weeks. Your man will start to pursue you, even if he’s pulled away, and believe that you’re not like any other woman he’s ever met.

When you know how to lean back, men will have the space to come towards you. We’ll cover how to not get attached too quickly, mirroring, staying open, how to handle emotions and male psychology.

Once you learn how men operate, you’ll feel adored and more loved than you ever have before.   

❤️ WEEK 6-7: The Femme Fatale!

Learn how to become an EMPOWERED woman who knows what she wants and not feel like you have to beg, plead, nag or argue with a man to get the treatment you deserve, while not acting like a doormat and making the relationship all about HIM.

We’ll dive into knowing if you should stay or leave, how to set standards and boundaries that don’t feel like demands, how to identify red flags and how to handle them like a strong (not aggressive) woman!

I’ll show you what it takes to have the strength to walk away when it’s time, and how to deal with men who don’t meet your standards.

When you should (and shouldn’t) talk to him about your feelings. How to communicate in a way that won’t have him saying you’re “crazy” or “too needy”

❤️ WEEK 8: Playing Angel & Devil

How to flirt to create intense physical attraction and keep it going in your relationship, so he continues to pursue you.

You’ll learn how to know when you’re ready to take it to the next level with him, so that he doesn’t ghost you after sex or resort to late night booty calls.

We’ll talk about subtle intimacy techniques that will bring you and your man even closer to each other

❤️ Week 9-10: Navigating arguments

How to handle conflicts with emotional maturity as they arise and how to have a man actually listen to your feelings.

When you should and should not bring up conflicts.

How men communicate differently than women and how to be the woman that draws a man closer after an argument, instead of pushing him away.

How to deal when he’s annoyed, angry or being passive aggressive. 

❤️ Week 11-12: Inspire Him to Commit

Learn how men commit differently than women and what you can do to inspire (not force) commitment in him.

We’ll go over what exactly makes a man want a long-term relationship with you.

Find out what a man’s top need is and show him that a relationship with you doesn’t mean he has to give that up.

Why you shouldn’t ever have the “where is this going” talk.

How to create an unshakeable bond, so that even if you do have a break up, you can use this to your advantage and get him to come even closer to you!

❤️ Four 60 minute Strategy calls per month (once per week) where we’ll get to the heart of why you’re struggling in the dating department and pinpoint exactly what to do about it with clear ACTION steps to move you forward to get the love you deserve

❤️ Unlimited support through email and VOXER - This is SUPER helpful when you need advice on what does his text mean? What do you say on a date? Is this a red flag? He’s pulling away and I’m freaking out! Or when you’re just OVER dating and need someone to keep you going!!

❤️ Full access to any additional trainings & online courses I offer during the 12-weeks