Magnetic Love & Attraction

1:1 Coaching Package

A 12-week one-on-one coaching package that will completely transform your love life, have you attracting high-quality men and be treated like a f*cking goddess!



❤️WEEK 1-2: Unpack Your Bags - Finally move on from an ex/crush/it’s complicated relationship that hasn’t given you what you want and detach from the idea that there’s only ONE man out there for you. We’ll work on making your limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns and darkest fears vanish, so you can move forward into your new relationship without pushing your new man away or self-sabotaging. Letting things carry over from past relationships (or even from childhood) is the first barrier to attracting a healthy relationship. It starts from the inside out. Once you push past these fears, you’ll develop unshakeable confidence and a brand new outlook on dating that will make it FUN, exciting and informative. 

❤️WEEK 3: Unleash Your Inner Goddess - This week you’ll learn to OWN and reveal who you really are (all the good & the not-so-good) to find the RIGHT man. We’ll focus on getting really clear about the exact type of man and relationship you want & don’t want (you may think you know, but you probably don’t). We’ll uncover your TRUE needs, not just the superficial things you might think you need, in order to better attract a match for you. You’ll learn the art of expressing yourself in a way that will have men drawn to you that won’t scare them away. You’ll develop a strong sense of self-awareness that will keep you from losing yourself when you do enter into a partnership. 

❤️WEEK 4-5: Magnetize Him In - Learn how to get men to pursue you and never have to chase him again, without playing mind games. We’ll double your attraction factor when you learn how to cultivate your feminine magnetism in these next 2 weeks. Men will start to pursue you and believe that you’re not like any other woman they’ve met. When you know how to lean back, men will have the space to come towards you. We’ll cover how to not get attached too quickly, mirroring, staying open, how to handle emotions and male psychology. Once you learn how men operate, you’ll feel adored and more loved than you ever have before.   

❤️WEEK 6-7: The Femme Fatale - How to become the empowered woman who doesn’t act like a doormat and make the relationship all about HIM. We’ll dive into knowing if you should stay or leave, how to set standards and boundaries that don’t feel like demands, how to identify red flags and how to handle them like a strong (not aggressive) woman! I’ll show you what it takes to have the strength to walk away when it’s time, and how to deal with men who don’t meet your standards. When you should (and shouldn’t) talk to him about your feelings. How to communicate in a way that won’t have him saying you’re “crazy” or “too needy”

❤️WEEK 8-9: Playing Angel & Devil - How to flirt to create intense physical attraction, so he sees you as a potential partner instead of a friend or “one of the guys”, without having to put out before you’re ready or have him label you as a “slut”. You’ll learn how to know when you’re ready to take it to the next level with him, so that he doesn’t ghost you after sex or resort to late night booty calls. We’ll talk about subtle flirting techniques that will have men approach you in person and give you the power to choose which man you want (instead of settling for the first guy who approaches you). 

❤️WEEK 10: Slay the Online Dating Game - This week, we’ll create an AMAZING online dating profile that automatically weeds out the men you don’t want and attracts high-quality guys. I’ll teach you exactly how to organize your profile so you stand out from all the other girls on Tinder and completely change the caliber of men you match with online. You’ll learn whether you should you swipe right on him or not, what things to look for in HIS profile that will let you know if he’s a potential match and the energy you MUST be in whenever you’re online. I’ll also give you some juicy tips on how to send flirty messages and how to move the conversation from the app to an actual in-person date! 

❤️WEEK 11: Date Etiquette - This week we’ll go over what really makes him want a 2nd date? You’ll learn how to deal with attachment and chemistry once you like a guy and you’re not yet exclusive. I’ll teach you The Revolving Door Method that prevents you from getting too ahead in the relationship and feeling anxiety when he’s not texting or calling you. How to communicate (verbally and non-verbally) with him in a way that fascinates him and makes him see you differently than other women. Learn how to get out of an uncomfortable situation easily, without feeling intimidated. What to do in a situation where you instantly know your date isn’t right for you. 

❤️WEEK 12: Inspire Him to Commit - Learn how men commit differently than women and what you can do to inspire (not force) commitment in him. We’ll go over what exactly makes a man want a long-term relationship with you. Find out what a man’s top need is and show him that a relationship with you doesn’t mean he has to give that up. Why you shouldn’t ever have the “where is this going” talk. What to do if he asks for a commitment before you’re ready. Creating an unshakeable bond

I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and practices, but this program is totally customized for YOU. Every situation is different and we all deal with our struggles differently, so although I have an outline of how things will go, I’ll be getting direct feedback from each individual woman to create additional content so that you can get exactly what you need. Can I get a HELL YEAH?!