Are you ready for real love?

The clock hits 2pm. I hop onto my computer, slip on my headphones and call you (my newest client), a gorgeous woman with a budding career, and an incredibly down to earth demeanor.

You are highly ambitious and want so badly to succeed in life. I greet you with a smile and you are anxious, yet excited to begin your work with me. We dive right in to figure out what it is you're craving in your love life.

You've decided that you wants a fulfilling, supportive, loving relationship, but she has been dating a bunch of douchebags who are only after sex and who will never commit. You're constantly wondering why you're not meeting the right men. Is it your city, the dating apps and just the lack of good men in general? 

However, you do express that you know there has to be some other way to meet the amazing man of your dreams, and this is why you decided to come to me for help. You are dying to find a solution and take control of your love life once and for all.

It’s confusing because on the surface you are very attractive, have a great job, are really fun, silly, a little edgy and extremely generous to your friends and family. It seems like you have everything going for your, so what’s the deal?

Very few men you're interested in approach you. You meeting tons of guys on Tinder, but you're unable to click with any of them on the deep level you wants. It’s gotten close to the point of you feeling completely helpless, like you'll never fall in love again, and, even worse, you will have to settle for someone who is just nice. Nice is nice, but you don’t want just nice, you want, and deserve, to have it all!!

You're getting to an age where you feel like your time might be running out. You believe that it’s going to take YEARS for you to meet your man, to bond with him on an intense level and move forward into marriage and a family. 

This is why you continue to fall for the first guy to give you attention and ignore huge red flags in the beginning of each new relationship, hoping that these things will just magically disappear because he’ll realize how amazing you is and turn out to be your prince charming.

I love that you're is so open and vulnerable to share your experiences with me and I know exactly how to help you through these issues because I’ve been there. I’m excited to invite you into my a coaching relationship with me, where she can connect with me and other like-minded, supportive women who are in her exact same situation.

You is an emphatic HELL YES when I describe all the features, benefits and information you will learn about how to attract her dream man and go deep with him, FAST. You're so giddy to join and are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the relationship you thought only existed in your dreams.

We celebrate by shaking our booties and popping a bottle of champagne for taking this huge step towards an amazing life. 

Just 3 short months later, we're popping bottles again! You've just figured out the secret to having an amazing relationship. At this point, you're actually turning down dates! You never have to worry that there are no good men out there, because you know exactly how to attract them.

You have dates with amazing, commitment-ready men lining up to take you out! You finally have a choice and it feels so free! This is exactly what you dreamed of when you were first thrown out into the dating world. 

You can finally relax into a man's arms without wondering if he'll call or ghost you. Most importantly, you know that you'll find your husband in one of these men soon!

This is what happens when you decide to work with me and learn what it takes to be a highly desirable woman. But you have to be READY. 

I only want to work with women who have already decided to do whatever it takes to get the amazing, epic love they never thought existed. I can help you get there! If you're interested, just email me at and we'll set up a time to chat! 

xo, Stacey