Why you DON’T need to have it all together before you find your man

Lately, I’ve been chatting with a lot of women who are hesitant about really going after it in their dating lives. They want to WAIT until everything else is perfect in their life to be able to meet their man. Have you said any of these things to yourself (or to friends)?

“I just want to wait until I have my career in place before I start looking for my man.”

“I’m almost at my goal weight…only a few more months before I can start dating again.” 

“I’m too busy working on building my business to really focus on finding love.”

Why is it that as women we believe we need to be this perfect, magical being that has it all together BEFORE we even begin to go on dates? 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you DON’T need to have it all together before you meet your man!! 

You don’t need to have your career set in stone. 

You don’t need to be a certain weight or look a certain way. 

You don’t need to be making 6 figures in your business. 

You just have to KNOW that you deserve love, no matter what! 

Last year, before I met my man Alan, I had recently been fired from my job and was receiving unemployment checks to help pay my rent & bills. I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with my life…I had applied to millions of jobs, been on a few interviews and received 0 offers. My future was looking pretty shitty.

I eventually figured out that my calling was to become a coach, and invested almost $10,000 in a training course…all while still not making any money! Most people would call me crazy…and I also thought that I needed to wait until after I had my training and business up and running BEFORE I could meet the love of my life. 


At the time, I watched a video from my coach Nicole Moore explaining why having love in your life actually inspires and motivates you to do better in ALL areas of your life—make more money, improve your health, celebrate your achievements. 

Think about it…

When you’ve had a hard day, would you rather come home to an empty apartment OR have your man waiting at home with a bottle of wine, ready to support you when you’re struggling?

When you finally get accepted into that exclusive Masters program, wouldn’t you LOVE having your man take you out to celebrate?

When you decide to start meal-prepping and take control of your health, wouldn’t it be amazing if your man was 100% committed to this goal, ate the same meals and worked out with you?

Something just clicked in me when I heard this…So, I got my ass out there and started dating! 

And guess what?!?! 

I started meeting men who were inspired by my vision for my life and business.

I had one man who would cook me meals for the entire week because he knew I was struggling financially.

I had another who brought me my favorite wine to share after work.

And one who sent me flowers just because he knew how stressed I was.

My man Alan topped all of them and offered to support me 100% while I was building my business! 

You can have it all too. You just have to make the choice.

Are you going to wait until your life is perfect before you take action?

Or will you be the woman who has everything NOW? 

xo, Stacey

P.S. If you answered HELL YES to my last question, and you are ready for love NOW, I’m more than happy to help! Let’s set up a time to chat. We can figure out exactly what’s keeping you from having the love you’ve always dreamed of and I’ll give you a plan to use your innate seductive powers to attract in your amazing man. Click HERE to book your call.