How to Get a Man to Do More by Doing Less

I want you to forget everything you think you know about what men fall for.

It’s likely you’ve experienced a relationship where you felt like you were the only one ‘trying” to make it work. Each day, you’re probably thinking of more and more ways you could DO something nice for him, only to be ignored or have him pull away even more. 

You’re hurt and confused, so you think “maybe if I just do something even BIGGER, he’ll love me more” 

So, you take him on a vacation. Or you buy him that nice watch he wants for no reason. 

And you agonize over why none of this is actually working…

I get it. We’re taught as women that we need to “take care of our man” by DOING things for him. 

We’re led to believe that we can impress a man by how well we cook, how much we clean, how good we are in bed and that these things make a man fall in love with us.

Oh man, is this fucking WRONG! 

I’m not saying don’t ever do anything for your man, just don’t do it to GET him to like/love you more or to CONVINCE him that you deserve more attention. This NEVER works. We should only be doing things for him if we’re already feeling fulfilled in the relationship and if he’s matching your effort!

Men don’t fall for the same things women do. The things you think are important are all wrong, so I want you to listen closely…

Men fall for you based on how good they feel about themselves when they are around you. 


Men fall for you based on how good they feel about themselves when they are around you. 

Men fall for you based on how good they feel about themselves when they are around you. 

Men fall for you based on how good they feel about themselves when they are around you. 

This blew my mind when I first heard it and I was like there’s no way that’s true

And then I tried it. 😳

It’s really this simple:

  1. Feel really good about yourself

  2. Appreciate your man, even if it’s on the first date just find ONE thing to appreciate him for and TELL HIM

If he feels good around you, he’s going to crave your company and keep asking you out. 

I practiced this on my first date with my now husband and I’m still amazed at how he treated me so differently than I had ever been treated before. 

Be aware, once you implement this, you may experience:

  1. Men always opening doors for you.

  2. Whenever you want something (wine, to go to a particular place, to have him drive 45 minutes to see you, etc.) he will jump through hoops to get it for you.

  3. Unexpected gifts! 

  4. Men always asking for 2nd dates.

  5. So many dates that you will have your calendar booked weeks in advance

  6. All heads turning when you walk into a room

  7. And the list goes on and on

Here’s what to do:

To feel really good about yourself, even if you’ve been super hurt in the past, are in a job you hate (or have no job at all) or don’t love your body:

  1. Create an affirmation you can repeat to yourself every day. Mine was “I’m every man’s fantasy”, which at first made me giggle because Yeah, right! But the more I kept saying it, the more my energy felt lighter & I felt wayyyy sexier too. My secret was to say this in my head on dates when I was nervous, helped more than you think! If you don’t like this one, make up your own!

  2. Pick out 3 things in your life that you are proud of and focus on how you FEEL when you’re doing those things. You should be in this ENERGY when you’re on any date or even swiping on dating apps, whether he’s the one or not. You’ll have more interesting conversations and feel more open to learning about the other person, too. 

To appreciate him:

  1. Find one thing about him to appreciate and TELL HIM. Men love compliments just as much as women do. It’s especially effective when you compliment them on something they did or a choice they made, not just their looks (smile, eyes, ears…lol), so maybe tell him you liked his outfit or his choice for the restaurant. 

  2. Always say thank you, even for the little things. If he complements you, say THANK YOU. If he holds the door, say THANK YOU. Men love to make women happy (the good one’s) and when you appreciate the little things they do, they will keep doing them! 

It really is that simple! Let me know in the comments how this works for you.

Stacey BluntComment