Afraid of getting hurt again? Don't date men with "potential"

It's so scary to put yourself out there for a man who ends up hurting you. I've been hurt SO many times, and what helped me get out of that pattern were 2 things.

Always date more than one man & stay open to meeting men until you have the commitment & relationship you want.

That means don't rush into a committed relationship before you really know someone and they are giving you what you NEED in a relationship.

I think as women we are usually ready to go all in with someone fairly quickly because we see "potential" in them even when we know we are not getting what we want.

Why give 100% to someone who is only giving 75% or less?

Stay unattached to the outcome or practice the art of not caring.

When you're too stuck on ONE man and making him into exactly what you want, you are automatically disappointed when he doesn't step up.

This leads to hurt feelings and broken relationships.

When you're just dating to get to know someone or, even better, learn something about yourself, you relax and you might even have fun!

When we're too stuck on the end goal, we don't see the red flags and obvious signs that maybe this isn't the right guy.

Are these things a part of your dating regimen? Comment below!

Stacey Blunt