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Let my intuitive attraction MAGIC (and magnetizing superpowers) show you EXACTLY where you’re stopping yourself (and what needs to happen for you to have a mind-blowing breakthrough….) THIS week.

(and NO… you don’t need more “RULES” or to set higher expectations. Hint: it’s EASIER than that).


For way too many years, I felt like a passenger in my dating life. Like I wasn’t a willing participant, going through each relationship like a mindless zombie.

I truly felt like I had no control over anything, lost, confused, hurt and ANGRY ASF that I couldn’t find just ONE good man. I kept making the same mistakes over and over and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. 

I would lose myself in every relationship, keep lowering my standards and boundaries just to please the guy. Hoping that if I just did this ONE thing or said this ONE thing, that would make him love and adore me. 

I felt as if I had everything going for me…I was certain that a smart, beautiful, confident, driven, giving, sexy woman deserved a good guy, that I DESERVED a really good guy!! On paper, I had it all. But once I attracted in a man, everything seemed to just fall apart. 

I kept falling for the same types of guys over and over and over… 

  • the kind that sweep you up into a whirlwind of excitement, affection and off-the-charts chemistry, only to tell you a few weeks later that he’s just not ready for a relationship
  • the kind that fall head over heels for you after the first date, but then “ghost” you and freak out when things start getting serious

  • the kind that lure you in with promises they can’t keep and feed you just enough breadcrumbs to keep you hanging around for their late night booty calls

  • the kind you obsess over because of *insert whatever superficial attribute here*, but who turn out to be selfish man-children who won’t commit

  • the kind that always seem to suck you into an argument, but then turn it around and say you’re “crazy” and “dramatic”


Are these the types of guys you fall for, too? Ugghhhh!!

Does it seem like these are the ONLY guys that exist and that all the good men are taken?

Ok, then I’m sooooo happy we’re chatting!!


My first experiences with dating

were, simply put... 

f*cking disasters. 


How I met my man...

I met my man…on Tinder…in Los Angeles. He pursued me, was always a perfect gentleman, planned dates and made time for me. I love that I can be in my full feminine, playful, vulnerable energy around him and this sets our chemistry on fire! Sometimes it also scares me how much we enjoy each other’s sense of humor. He constantly tells me I’m the only person that laughs at his jokes. I love it, because it makes me feel like we have a secret no one else is in on. We laugh all the time and people look at us like we’re crazy.  

We moved in together just 4 months after we met and he’s always saying things like “I’m so excited to propose to you” and “I can’t wait to have kids with you”.

It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I get it, I wouldn’t believe me either and I promise you I’m not saying this to brag. I still can’t believe this happened to ME!! I always used to think that the women who got these relationships were just special or really lucky. But, I’m DEFINITELY not special or lucky. 


Let me tell you about the girl I used to be... 

I went through a amount of crazy shit to be able to have the most amazing relationship of my life today:

  • I called off my wedding to an emotionally, verbally and physically abusive man 3 weeks before the actual date, losing my parents almost $30k, not to mention having a very public breakup in which I had to call and tell all my friends and family
  • I was “stuck” in a toxic on-again, off-again relationship for 5 years and had no clue how to stop feeding into all the drama and felt completely responsible for it all
  • I constantly felt like I needed to “do more” to make a man appreciate me and like nothing I did was ever good enough.
  • I was always blaming guys/my city/dating apps for my shitty dating experience and lack of quality men
  • I felt like I had to settle for a nice guy who wasn’t actually a good fit for me, JUST because he was nice. 

…and the list goes on and on and on. It took me YEEAAAARRRRS…YES, YEARS, to figure out how to to get out of victim mode and finally take responsibility for my dating life. So, I got really curious about what I could do personally to make drastic changes to be the type of woman that gets to have EPIC love. 


I wanted to live the dream



I had dreams of being treated like a goddess,

of me and my man waking up every morning together, he kisses me passionately and makes me coffee before he heads work. Savoring these moments of quality time we spend together in the mornings, just us. Dreams of when we hug and cuddle, I feel like I just melt into his arms.

Of never feeling more safe with anyone and knowing he will always protect me. Fully accepting each other, good and bad and loving that I can be my full weirdo self around him and that allows him to love me even more!!


But I didn’t know how the f*ck to get that. 

As girls, we’re told fairy tales of a man that will just come sweep us off our feet without us needing to do anything. (hahahaha, nope!)

That AHA moment!

It wasn’t until I woke up one day and decided to take control of my dating life and literally DEVOURED all of the information I could from leading relationship experts to figure out “the secret” to having my dream relationship. I spent countless hours listening to YouTube videos, investing in programs, reading blog after blog after blog…and then finally it clicked! And once I made the adjustments, I was able to attract in my amazing man within ONE MONTH!! No really, only one month, and I want to show you how to do it, too.


How I can help...

Think of me as your bestie, giving you juicy advice along the way to meeting your dream guy and teaching you all “the secrets’, so you don’t need to spend years and years finding all this info on your own. We’ll gush over how much he’s into your sexy, fine ass and how effortlessly you enchanted him. When you have your girls by your side, dating is so much more fun.

I’m so excited to help you on your journey to find your amazing man!! 



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